Our mission in 2021 is simple: to tell the stories of the many families who fight kidney disease.


When our founder, Rachelle, learned that her mom, Mindy, was in need of a second kidney transplant, she wanted to tell their family's story AND help others.  But, the question remained…HOW do you talk about such a lifesaving need, with friends, family, and even strangers?


The Answer: One adventure at a time, through an internet challenge that we call, the #minminbearchallenge.


This interactive challenge is a chance for patients to showcase how they live their best life, in spite of kidney disease. Our goal is to see the bears used as a tool to document what kidney patients, and those around them, experience on a daily basis. We want the challenge to bring kidney awareness to the forefront of social media. Plus, we think it's an added bonus that our bear collection is sure to bring smiles, comfort, and joy to all who have one.

 Since 2020, our foundation has distributed over 2,800 bears nationwide, thanks to incredible partners and donors, who help make this mission possible. Thanks to you, thousands of patients and their families have MinMinBears in their homes that are ready to be taken on great adventures, while making an impact for good.

We cannot complete this year’s mission without your help. If your business, charity, or family would like to donate a bear to a dialysis center, children’s hospital, or a family who is affected by kidney disease please click here or visit our How to Help page.

Our mission is simple: to bring comfort to families who are battling kidney disease and meet them wherever they are, through our mascots, the MinMinBears.



Educate, Advocate, and Comfort.  Those are the three principles that guide what we do each day to help kidney patients, their families, and their providers.


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Snap, Share, Tag + Donate. 

It's that Easy to participate in the challenge that helps tell the stories of kidney patients and their journeys everywhere! 

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Our foundation exists to help those struggling with kidney disease, but we can't do it alone.  From donating a bear to child, or volunteering at one of our events, we need you!

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