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What We Do

Our organization's mission can be summed up by a simple acronym: A.C.E.

We Advocate for, Comfort, and Educate kidney patients and their families about kidney disease and organ donation.

Through these efforts, we provide resources to assist patients so they can A.C.E. their individual kidney journey.


Being an advocate for your health or a loved one's health is an important role when navigating a diagnosis.

Our team actively participates in helping the patient community become empowered over their health journey through advocacy activities like: Influencing health policy, Working to create system change, &

Sharing resources that help patients learn to navigate the health care system.


We also share patient stories to create greater public awareness about the importance of organ donation, research, and more. Click the "Become A Partner" link below to find out how you can help with our advocacy efforts.

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Providing patients with comfort is one of the most important jobs we have here at the foundation, and our mascots, the MinMinBears, take this assignment very seriously. Our goal is to provide a sense of peace for the patient and their family during any part of their journey.  Whether it's a hospital stay, medical procedure, doctor's appointment,  or anything in between, our MinMinBears are ready to bring solace, empathy, and support. 

Public donations and partnerships with businesses large and small, allow us to gift our comfort bear kits to child life teams,

children's hospitals, physician practices, and more. 


Our bear kits are given at zero cost to patients and they are quickly becoming a staple in the kidney community because of the positive impact they bring. Bear kits include a bear, kidney-focused activity book, crayons, and inserts that provide various resources from our partners. Click the link below to find out how you can help us continue the work of gifting comfort through individual or corporate donations.



Where we've sent comfort bears



One of the best ways to improve a patient's quality of life, their health, and understanding of their diagnosis is through educational resources. Our foundation was founded by a kidney patient which gives our team a first-hand look at what successful patient education can look like,

and how proper patient education has the ability to improve the entire experience for everyone involved in their care. 


We work to provide resources like invitations to educational events,

drug trial information when available, links to other kidney-related partners, and more. 


Most recently, our foundation created an activity book that takes the patient from diagnosis to transplant as a part of our educational library. 


To download a free copy of the activity book, or to sign up for helpful resources sent directly to your inbox, click the link below. 


Educational Resources

A look at our current comfort bear kits and the resources they provide to patients and their families.

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Our mission is simple: to advocate for, comfort & educate patients battling kidney disease meet them wherever they are in their diagnosis, through our mascots, the MinMinBears.


Snap, Share, Tag + Donate. 

It's that Easy to participate in the challenge that helps tell the stories of kidney patients and their journeys everywhere! 

Click here to get more information and join the challenge today.

Our mascots tell the story of the kidney patient journey and lend a voice for the kidney community to raise awareness about kidney disease. 


Click here to learn more about each bear and their role.

Our foundation exists to help those struggling with kidney disease, but we can't do it alone.  From donating a bear to child, or volunteering at one of our events, we need you!

Click here to learn how you can get involved. 

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