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Tell YOUR kidney story with a bear!

The MinMinBear Challenge is inspired by a real-life kidney warrior, Mindy, who wanted to share her story with others to bring more awareness around kidney disease and organ donation while she awaits the perfect kidney match.
Our foundation created this challenge to showcase stories like Mindy's and her fellow kidney community to show how you live your best life, in spite of kidney disease or diagnosis.  If you've been looking for a way to share your story or your loved one's story through social media, the #minminbearchallenge is a great place to start.




Snap a picture and share it on social media! The picture can be with your family, your friends, your care team, or a selfie with your bear. By sharing your kidney story, you are helping to build awareness for kidney disease.

Snap a Pic and Post It!



Tag 3+ friends to join the #MinMinBearChallenge by living their best life, too! Ask your friends to help share the message on the importance of organ donation􀆟on and raise awareness for kidney disease.

Challenge Three Friends


Grab Your MinMinBear or Favorite Bear

All of the MinMinBears have special missions. They also love to join their stuffed animal friends & help them share kidney stories of the parents who are just like you!


Live Your Best Life

Live your best life with your bear by your side! Your bear can join you on a beach day, a playground playdate, a day napping, or even as a dialysis buddy. Bring your bear to remind you that you’re strong, you’re brave, & you’re on a mission to tell your story while living YOUR best life.

No MinMinBear, No Worries!

Use Your Favorite Stuffed Animal Friend, and Follow the Above Steps 2-4

Our mission is simple: to advocate for, comfort & educate patients battling kidney disease meet them wherever they are in their diagnosis, through our mascots, the MinMinBears.


Find out how we are making an impact here 

Snap, Share, Tag + Donate. 

It's that Easy to participate in the challenge that helps tell the stories of kidney patients and their journeys everywhere! 

Our mascots tell the story of the kidney patient journey and lend a voice for the kidney community to raise awareness about kidney disease. 


Click here to learn more about each bear and their role.

Our foundation exists to help those struggling with kidney disease, but we can't do it alone.  From donating a bear to child, or volunteering at one of our events, we need you!

Click here to learn how you can get involved. 

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