The MinMinBear Foundation is a 501(c)3, private foundation founded by an Alport Syndrome patient and named to honor her mother, a kidney transplant recipient. 

Our Foundation educates about kidney disease, advocates for organ donation, and comforts the families that are impacted by it.

The MinMinBears are plush teddy bears that may be used to help find individuals living organ donors, comfort sick children, tell stories of kidney patients, provide hope and healing for families, educate school children, or even provide direct patient aide to those in need.  They are busy bears, with their sights set on helping the entire kidney community in many ways.

The Foundation partners with other non-profit organizations around the country, research and development firms, transplant centers, hospitals, children's camps, businesses, and more, to maximize the positive impact that we can all have. 

In 2020, we launched our first mission as a foundation, called the #minminbearchallenge.  This was intended to help an individual find a living kidney donor through an internet challenge, by sharing her story via fun photos of the bears living their best lives.  The challenge was a huge success and featured in places like Yahoo!, Thrive Global, Medium, on the Dr.s TV Show, Paradise Valley Magazine, Arizona Health, and Living Magazine, among many others.


The challenge was such a success, the foundation decided to expand it in 2021 to include the hundreds of thousands of kidney warriors who need to share their stories and spread #kidneydiseaseawareness.

 To find out more about our challenge, our education programs, upcoming initiatives, and more, browse through our site.  If you'd like to be a part of our cause and our missions, please fill out our contact form or the form below. 

Our mission is simple: to bring comfort to families who are battling kidney disease and meet them wherever they are, through our mascots, the MinMinBears.


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Educate, Advocate, and Comfort.  Those are the three principles that guide what we do each day to help kidney patients, their families, and their providers.


Snap, Share, Tag + Donate. 

It's that Easy to participate in the challenge that helps tell the stories of kidney patients and their journeys everywhere! 

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Our foundation exists to help those struggling with kidney disease, but we can't do it alone.  From donating a bear to child, or volunteering at one of our events, we need you!

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 Rachelle McCray, CEO. Photo: Diana Elizabeth Photography

Rachelle McCray


Rachelle is the

Founder + CEO

of the MinMinBear Foundation. 

Rachelle also serves on the

Board of Directors.

MinMinBears COO

Charles Driscoll


Charles is the

Co-Founder + Program Director

of the MinMinBear Foundation.

Charles also serves on the

Board of Directors.

MinMin Bears About Us

Douglas Johannson


Douglas is the

Director of Operations for the MinMinBear Foundation.

Douglas also serves on the

Board of Directors.


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Amanda McCray

Amanda McCray

Amanda is our resident Tutu Connoisseur.  She designed the look of the tutus and each is handmade for our MinMinBears.  She also helps pack each bear in their box with care.  We couldn't do this without her!

Don McCray MinMinBears

Don McCray

Don is in charge of the Phoenix operations and oversees daily shipments for packing and sending boxes at our Arizona office.


Lillian Van De Walker

Lil is our second in command tutu maker.  She believes in great quality and attention to detail in each tutu she handmakes for the bears.