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Charles Driscoll is a successful creative entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the MinMinBear Foundation. As the current COO, Charles oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the foundation. Throughout his career, Charles has designed and implemented successful business operations and established policies that create a positive company culture and strategy. He's enjoyed success in the housing + urban development field, the telecommunications sector, and now hopes to leave a legacy in philanthropy. Charles oversees all aspects of marketing and financial growth and works with the Foundation's CEO to identify strategic partners and new members to bring on to the team.


Charles's passion for the MinMinBears and their mission was born when his mother-in-law, Mindy, received a kidney transplant from Mindy's father-in-law. Charles joined the cause to help others when his wife, Rachelle, launched an initiative in Arizona known as the MinMinBear Initiative in 2011. 

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