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The MinMinBear™ Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Natera Inc., to raise awareness for kidney disease and support proactive care for patients. Natera is a pioneer and global leader in cell-free DNA testing.


Natera offers two types of testing to help support kidney patients and their families:

Renasight™ kidney genetic testing

Renasight is a blood or saliva test to determine if there is a genetic cause for an individual’s kidney disease. It provides personalized information to help manage your disease, identifies potential risk for family members, and can provide better treatment options with an earlier diagnosis.

Prospera™ transplant assessment

Natera's non-invasive blood test, Prospera, enhances the patient and physician's ability to assess otherwise undetected rejection to help transplant recipients live long and prosper with their new kidney.

The mission of the company is to change the management of disease worldwide with a focus on women's health, oncology, and organ health. Natera’s innovative technology platform for genetic testing in kidney health and organ transplantation, uniquely allows us to help improve outcomes for the most vulnerable patients.

To Learn more about Renasight:

Call us at +1 650.425.4005 

Visit us at

To Learn more about Prospera:

Call us at +1 650.273.4468

Visit us at

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