WinskiBear - No Tutu- The Friend

WinskiBear - No Tutu- The Friend


Hello there! I am Winskibear and I am a close friend of MinMinBear. I am helping to spread awareness about the need of organ donation by sharing her and AlbieBear's special story.  I am also looking to help the real life Mindy,  find her perfect kidney match! I am ready for fun adventures and I hope you will show off our fun times by joining the #minminbearchallenge.


I am wearing Mindy's favorite color, Hot Pink, and I am excited to be your friend, too!


WinskiBear is CPSIA certified (without tutu) and made with the highest quality of cloth, hypoallergenic stuffing, and PVC pellets.  WinskiBear is a white teddy bear that wears a cotton hot pink t-shirt which reads, "I love you with all my kidney".  This bear  DOES NOT a tutu.  Please visit our shop page and select "with tutu" to have it included in your order.


Please note: this bear is certified safe for ages 0 and up.  However, if you choose to add a tutu or accessories, we do not recommend giving the bear to small children with accessories added,  as the accessories can be considered choking hazards.

Bear Color: White
SKU: WinskiNoTutu
  • MinMinBear, WinksiBear, and AlbieBear are CPSIA Compliant, which makes the bears suitable for ages 0 and up (without a tutu). The bears are 100% Polyester Plush with Polypropylene Stuffing, Plastic Pellets and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Eyes. The Tee is 100% cotton.

    Please note: adding a tutu or any other accessory will void the CPSIA compliance. MinMinBears with accessory other than the provided t-shirt, and tag attached should not be given to small children as it also voids the CPSIA certification.






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